I'll show you all of the places I'm dreaming of
                                      I'll take you to the ocean, I'll bring the sun.
                                      Wake up in the morning, we're paralysed.
                                      We'll fly into the garden like butterflies.
                                      There will be no blood and there'll be
                                      no pain. Cuze you have stolen all
                                      my senses. There's a fever in
                                      my heart and you are taking
                                      my defences. you're pulling
                                      me apart. Forever we're
                                      young and we are dying
                                      and will spilling all our
                                      blood. So i will take
                                      away my feelings.
                                      I'll tie you in my 
                                      arms and we'll
                                      tell eachother
                                      lies like we
                                      tell the truth

                                      Ellie Goulding - Animal